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Volume 11 - 2020

A Critical Review of 2020 Research on Harms from Efforts to Change Sexual Attractions and Behaviors: Minimal Advancement of Science, Maximal Advancement of Agendas, pages 87-108         



Christopher H. Rosik, Ph.D. Link Care Center & Fresno Pacific University


The following critique provides a critical examination of three recent empirical studies purporting to show evidence of harms from exposure to change-allowing therapies. Thirteen areas of methodological and definitional concern are presented to highlight the severely problematic nature of utilizing this research to support legal bans on SAFE-T in particular and contemporary change-allowing therapies generally. This analysis also briefly examines a model law for banning change-related practices, which identified some new developments in this ban template with special relevance to faith-based practitioners and organizations. Overall, these articles shed more light on the motives and aims of the authors’ agendas than they provide scientifically based assistance in identifying specific sources of harm directly attributable to contemporary SAFE-T. Hence, these studies (like most before them) cannot be credibly employed to support the draconian infringements on professional and religious speech and practice dictated by current legislative bans.


Keywords: SAFE-T, SOCE, conversion therapy, research limitations, legal bans

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